Goa Doot for Goa and Goans….!

‘Goa Doot’ turns a new leaf in Marathi Journalism

Goa Doot, the daily Marathi newspaper was launched on 22 May 2005 by Abhinav Publishers (Goa) Private Limited and within a short span of time it has become a household name in Goa. A newspaper ‘of the people , by the people and for the people, Goa Doot is the only newspaper fully owned, managed and committed to the interest of Goans. In the past 6 years we have firmly stood by all the struggles of the masses and raised its voice against all that is harmful for Goa and Goans. With committed, competent and qualified human resources under its canopy, backed by a comprehensive network of correspondents, agents, and advertising agencies, Goa Doot is rated high on the wave of popularity. As we march ahead in the 7th year of publication, we reiterate our commitment to uphold truth and denounce corruption and falsehood in all forms.

To make the newspaper affordable to the commonest of common person, we have slashed the price of daily Goa Doot from Rs 2/- to Rs 1 !. We have also floated a unique ‘ Goa Doot Maza Annual Subscription Scheme’ at an unbelievable price of Rs 362/-, along with a gift of over Rs. 300! You can read Goa Doot @ 17 paise per day if you subscribe to Goa Doot on yearly basis.

Goa Doot vows to continue its commitment of providing its readers quality news material with focus of Goa centric news. We strongly believe in giving only the best to our readers, and that too is right doses , rather than dumping on our readers unrelated and un-interesting articles and features.

Goa Doot, is a true voice and vanguard of people from all walks of life. Come , join the family of Goa Doot through your views, news, articles, subscriptions and advertisements.

“We hold the mirror Reflecting Goan’s Aspirations”

  • A dream come true for all Goans.
  • 100% Goan is content.
  • Reflects Goan aspirations.
  • A mirror to happenings all over Goa.
  • Captures the inherent feelings of all Goans.
  • It has the scent of Goan soil.

Scouting the Goan hinterland and all villages, we deliver news at your doorstep.

  • Special focus on Goa along with a round-up of national/International news.
  • Articles by reputed columnists.
  • A comprehensive network of bureaus & circulation.
  • Competent and qualified human resources .
  • Printing done using state of the art technology.
  • 100% Goan management.

And very importantly, your unstinted co-operation. Tapping Goan's need for a Marathi Daily, we at Abhinav Publishers have launched "Goa Doot" A Marathi Dialy A Reliable Messenger.